This time of year excites me, and I exude more energy because of it. As a result, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I attribute it to the 5 F’s – Fall, Football, Food, Family, and Friends. This combination is pretty tough to beat.

Notice what I said there? 5 simple things. Which leads me to my point:

It’s easy to get distracted and forget appreciating the simple things in life, but this time of year always seems to encourage me to clear my head, to relax, and to fully embrace living in the moment each day. I’m currently in the midst of wedding consultations, nonprofit meetings, expanding Metro Event Specialists (MES), renovating my house, etc…

But guess what? THE WORK WILL ALWAYS BE THERE! In the meantime, cherish those little events that would otherwise pass you by. I sure as hell feel better about myself when I do, which then reflects in other areas of my life. Some things that I will engage in more this season, and highly recommend you try as well:

1) Strike up a conversation with a stranger near you during one of your typical, mundane activities such as grocery shopping, riding the metro, or eating lunch by yourself. Who knows what will come of it? Better yet, who cares what will come of it? You’ll get a nice rush from stepping out of your comfort zone. It’s FUN!

2) Cook or bake something that you’ve never made before. Or, test out your mixology skills and create a cocktail you’ve never tried. Not only can you share it with friends and family, but it makes us feel creative in our own little way. Why? Because it’s NEW!

3) Give your change to the Salvation Army bell-ringers. If you’re like me then you despise coins anyway; so rather than losing them or spending them on a pack of gum, give it to someone who will make better use of it. I guarantee you’ll get a warm, tingly feeling when you hear your change hit the bottom of that metal bucket.

4) Read an article or ask a self-proclaimed pro about something that you have no inherent interest in. Don’t understand finances? Confused about how some type of technology works? Clueless as to what’s going on overseas? Too often we become close-minded and opinionated with no real basis. The more tidbits we learn, the more wholesome, appealing, and interesting we become.

5) Let your family members and best friends know you love them, and do something that shows it. Sure, we can take them to their favorite restaurant, help them with a chore they hate, buy them a ticket to a movie, show, or sporting event they want to see, etc…

Want something simpler? Try asking them what’s going on in their life, truly listening, and responding with utmost sincerity. That alone works for most people.



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