It’s my birthday, and I’ve now been on Earth for 28 years. I can proudly say this past year has been the best of my life.

I distinctly remember where I was almost 1 year ago to this day. I had personal issues that I neglected to improve over the years, and this transpired into periods of isolation, lack of motivation, and overall dissatisfaction with life. I was confused, lost, and experiencing symptoms of depression. I reached a point where I forgot who I was, and I also lost sight of what I valued.

As a highly independent and self-sufficient person, it was difficult to come to the realization that I needed professional help. I needed to get my mental health back on track.

And that’s when I began therapy. It was easily the best decision I have ever made, and it set the stage for the positive momentum that would ensue:

I reached out to my brother, to rekindle our lost relationship.

I completed my MBA.

I put newfound energy into growing Metro Event Specialists.

I regularly went to the gym, and even played in a basketball league.

I launched Troyal Events.

I bought a house in the District.

I formed new relationships, while strengthening old ones.

It’s hard to notice, and ultimately accept, when you’re losing your sense of self. It’s like quicksand – difficult to see, and terrible to be sinking in. Fortunately, the best part about life is that there’s always a chance to improve. There’s always a chance to grow.

I now enjoy what life has in store for me each day, and it’s evident to the people I surround myself with. It’s amazing to look back at where I was not too long ago, and appreciate where I am today. I hope that my positivity is able to make a small difference in those I interact with, and continue passing on the momentum. I leave you all with some great insight that I learned throughout therapy:

Your life is like a bucket. If there is a hole in it, then you can continue trying to fill it but it will only be temporary. It will never reach its full capacity. Once you plug up those holes (or voids), only then will your life ultimately feel full.


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