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Troy Francis

Owner, Event Producer
Personal Life: I’m a “big picture” guy who works best with a blank canvas, and a vision in mind.  I enjoy constantly learning new things and staying inspired.  I have a history of traveling to some of the world’s best beaches, testing out DC’s trendiest restaurants and bars, and discovering the latest music or theater performances.  I’m also a sports fanatic with Tar Heel blue running through my veins.  My passion for event and wedding planning is rooted to the life-long enjoyment I’ve received in connecting people and creating lasting experiences in the lives of others.  Oh yeah, and my drink of choice?  Champagne.  It’s the celebratory drink, and always associated with something positive!

Professional Life: My career path began over 10 years ago.  I coordinated private parties, corporate functions, DJ music tours, and college dance nights for up to 2,000 people for a premier event venue in Charlotte. When I moved to DC over 8 years ago,  I wanted to make a difference.  I started producing nonprofit events, raising money and connecting the younger demographic to worthy causes.  My life took an unexpected turn in 2010, so I decided to take a breather, explore other types of events, and re-evaluate what I really wanted to do…

As a result, I committed myself to make the DC metro area one of the best event destinations in the country.  I have since become President of Metro Event Specialists, the largest special events organization in the mid-Atlantic region. This position has allowed me to produce events for and establish the largest network of event and wedding vendors in the area.  After completing my MBA at the University of Maryland, I launched Troyal Events with the goal of creating and designing top-notch, unconventional experiences for individuals and businesses. And I LOVE it!


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