Throughout high school, college, and my early 20s I was a selfish person (my assumption is that this rings true for many of us during this period in our lives). My predominant focus was on how popular I was, my individual gains, how much money I could make, etc. As a result I was always the cool party guy, I earned exceptional grades, I went to an elite university, and I did relatively well financially from the gate.

While those things were great growing up, they never really made me happy. They were just talking points. I never took the time to reflect on what I truly valued nor did I have a great sense on what really mattered. For someone who blazed his way through life until that point, this level of ambiguity left me in a state of avoidance and escapism. In fact, my mid-20s were the lowest I ever felt. During the latter half of my 20s, this shifted for me as I took the time to correct my mental health and reflect on what I really valued.

I’m now 31. Emotionally, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Financially, I’m the most secure I’ve ever been. Professionally, I’m the most accomplished I’ve ever been. But guess what? Life is bigger than me.

I’m now the most selfless I’ve ever been.

I now value the positive impact I can have on other peoples’ lives. I believe we get far too caught up in the idea that “I control my own destiny.” While this notion is true, part of that destiny is reliant on how you impact others.

How did I even get to the point of having an event planning business? Well, I’ve been running the largest special events networking group in the region – Metro Event Specialists – for the last several years. It was you, my colleagues, that grew this networking group to over 4,500 members and helped put me on the radar. It was you, the vendors that I met at our networking events, that seamlessly execute your role in each of the weddings and events that I’m now a part of. To put it simply, my business started by fostering a professional community that believed in connecting and growing together. My business started with you.

During every event, my focus is making the client and the guests happy. Making you happy. My goal isn’t to create a Pinterest-worthy event for my portfolio. That’s the easy part. And that enjoyment lasts mere seconds until scrolling to the next photo. Instead, my goal is to embrace who you are and what you value – no matter how quirky, unconventional, or grandiose that may be – and enhance this through your wedding or event. That’s the fun challenge. And that enjoyment lasts forever.

In addition to planning weddings and events, I’m co-owner of 2 great restaurants and bars in DC. What’s the first thing I always do when I stop in? I make the effort to say hey to you – the host, the bartender, the chef, the servers, and the manager on duty. I don’t handle any of the day-to-day operations, and could never imagine doing so. You are FAR better than me at doing that…and you deserve my respect. The success of these establishments isn’t about me…it’s about you.

When I’m now out with the close people in my life, it always feels like a celebration to me as opposed to an escape. Not just because of what I’m doing with you…but because I get a chance to share some thoughts, laughs, and emotions with you. I get to experience those life moments and grow with you…even if just for a couple of hours.

As life continues on, I know that I want to have a greater impact on other peoples’ lives. Whether it’s conducting more professional speaking engagements or eventually running for public office, who knows. What I do know is that I want to give even more to the other part of my life that has brought me success and joy. That other part is You.




    • Jan York

      at 04:00:28

      You did a fantastic job for Tyler and Owen at their wedding celebration reception. Everything was beautiful, meaningful and done very professionally. THANK YOU!



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