Work. Set Goals. Work Harder. Reach Goals. Accomplish Things. Work Even Harder. Create Your Future. Impress. Keep Moving Forward. Repeat.

Sound familiar to anyone? The entrepreneurial life (and life in general) can begin to feel like a cycle of go, go go…gain, gain, gain. While this is certainly a positive facet of life, it’s not a complete lifestyle.

I’ve worked my tail off for every single thing that life has brought me thus far, and I’m very proud of that. I’m a business owner who plans various weddings and events, homeowner and landlord, president of DC’s biggest event industry networking group, MBA graduate, and part-owner of a DC restaurant/bar (soon to be 2). Heck, I’ve even procured over $1 billion in Government defense contracts to support our country.

And that brings me to my point: These are all great things, but they’re not everything. I lost my Father at a young age (24), and I now operate under the personal motto, “The work will always be there…but people won’t.” It’s the relationships you create that truly matter.

Let’s take an honest look at those accomplishments and what I value most about them:

1) Business Owner/Event Planner (Troyal Events) – I create significant, memorable, and lasting experiences in the lives of others, that generate positive emotions and overall enjoyment.
2) Homeowner/Landlord (Troyal’s Palace) – I establish the best possible living situation/experience I can for others, which allows me to form some great friendships and moments along the way.
3) President of Networking Group (Metro Event Specialists) – I produce fantastic networking events for people with similar interests, and provide them with an opportunity to connect and grow together.
4) MBA Graduate (University of Maryland) – I challenged my business aptitude, while interacting with and learning from, a motivated network of fellow young professionals.
5) Restaurant/Bar Owner (The Prospect and Homestead) – I get to engage with a team that wants to establish a place that is meant to entertain and satisfy people for years.

What general trend do you notice? It’s all about the people and relationships.

More importantly, this stretches across the other areas of my life such as the time I spend with friends and family. Look at it this way: What am I going to cherish more at the end of my life?

A) The time I took my Mother out to dinner on her birthday
B) The beach trip I went on with friends
C) The $10,000 I made on an event

Answers A, then B, win every time.

Everyone has 24 hours in a day, and it’s your choice to decide what to do with yours. But don’t ever use the sad excuse of, “I’m too busy.” You can always find time for friends, family, a significant other, or even answering a text/phone call…whether it’s today or tomorrow. You just have to prioritize it.

I’m 29. I’m still only ONE-THIRD of my way through life (fingers crossed for good health). If life was a hook-up session, then I’m just now rounding 1st base. Do you realize how much MORE I have left to experience?! I want to make sure the next 2/3 of my life is focused on people and relationships, because the work will always be there.





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