It’s a question that so many people have asked me, in some way, shape, or form:

“So why do you plan events?”
“What caused you to want to plan events?”
“How did you get involved in planning events?”

It’s quite simple, actually. I absolutely enjoy creating memorable experiences in the lives of others. So much so, that I’m willing to dedicate my time, emotion, passion, and energy into making sure you have the best, and most unique, experience possible.

I tell many aspiring event professionals out there the same advice, “You have to enjoy the rush.”

Many times I get a confused reaction, so I have to explain a little further. In order to be an event planner, you have to enjoy the rush leading up to an event. You should be able to handle the nerves, the last-minute fixes, and accept the pressure that someone has given you – whether it’s planning their wedding day or producing a grand launch party for their company.

The whole planning process should be a journey that challenges you, but one that you cherish – regardless of the stressors involved.

In essence, I produce events because I love the people I work with – YOU, the client. I work with my clients instead of working for them. Every event is different in its own right, and it’s my job to make sure your expectations and visions are met so that you have a flawless and engaging experience.

That’s why I plan events 🙂


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